Avoca's Unique Merinosilk

What makes Avoca Merinosilk so special?

Avoca Merinosilk knitwear is made in New Zealand, from a special 100% natural blend exclusive to Avoca. Our special blend of Merinosilk aims to provide luxurious handle, ultimate warmth and knitwear that lasts.

Avoca Merinosilk is comprised of:

  • 70% NZ super-fine (17 micron) Merino
  • 20% NZ possum fur
  • 10% Mulberry silk

    Only 5% of merino sheep produce our ultrafine merino fibers, which are soft and kind to sensitive skin.

    We use possum fur as it is a hollow fibre which creates insulation and warmth properties without bulk. Testing has found that having 20% possum fur in our Merinosilk is the optimal ratio, as you can enjoy the properties of the fur, but it will not shed and affect the wear and tear of your Merinosilk product.A garment with a higher percentage will only shed and diminish faster.

    Silk binds these fibres together and 10% is the right amount to ensure that. We do our best to source locally, however since New Zealand does not produce silk, we import this to ensure the highest quality silk is used in our Merinosilk.

    Our Merinosilk is unlike anything you've ever worn. It is specially structured to be lightweight and comfortable. Compared to other materials, Merinosilk is: 

    • 55% warmer than 100% merino
    • 35% warmer than 100% cashmere

      How are Merinosilk garments made?

      Merinosilk garments are knitted using whole garment technology. This means that Avoca garments are knitted in a single process on one machine. Bulky, thick seams are minimised which allow a better fit and maximum comfort. By using whole garment technology, no fabric is cut which avoids wear and tear, and prolongs the life of a garment. Our Merinosilk garments are mostly seamless, very durable, and super easy to machine wash.