Why Aren't My Socks 100% Wool?

Explained: Merino Possum Socks

Merino wool

Wool socks are great to wear, not only in winter but all year round. As wool, particularly Merino wool, naturally manages temperature and moisture, feet are kept warm, dry and comfortable. It's natural for feet to sweat in socks, but in wool socks a wearer does not have to worry about odour, or feeling damp. Merino wool is often blended with other fibres for enhanced fit and performance.

Possum fur and Angora hair

The addition of possum fur and angora hair bring extra warmth and create a luxurious, soft, fluffy handle to the Merino wool socks. Possum fur is a hollow fibre, making it lightweight but with good insulation properties. Angora hair felts easily, so is often blended with other fibres, such as wool, to prevent this.

Addition of synthetic fibres to wool socks

Synthetic fibres such as nylon and elastane are often found in socks to give strength in the toe and heel, and wool socks are no exception. The addition of synthetics, particularly in those two areas, slows down the wear and tear of the sock as they are points that receive the most pressure and friction. They also help a sock fit snugly and retain shape.

In a study conducted by the University of Otago, wool socks were superior when wear-tested alongside cotton and acrylic. Give them a go today, and feel the difference in your feet.