The Kind Details Of Baby Lambskin

Explained: New Zealand Baby Lambskin

Where does baby lambskin come from?

New Zealand baby lambskin is sustainable. They are from baby lambs that have died natural births, unable to survive the cold ends of Winter, or beginnings of Spring. In no way do we support cutting the life of an animal short. What Avoca does believe in, is using sustainable resources, and giving these baby lambs a second life.

Creating Avoca baby lambskin garments

Our skins are carefully selected, matched and handcrafted into unique, one-of-a-kind garments. Due to each lambskin being special, and each garment individually made, no garment is exactly the same. It takes 30 lambskins to make a single jacket, and 20 to make a vest.

About baby lambskin

Baby lambskin garments weigh much less than traditional lambskin garments. The baby lambskin is very young, so their natural skin fibres are tightly interlocked, forming a lightweight, but extremely strong material. 100% baby lambswool lines each garment, forming an ideal, all-natural insulation. Baby lambskin is also showerproof.

The assurance of quality

Avoca Baby Lambskin is the highest quality of lambskin available in not only New Zealand, but worldwide. Our baby lambskin factory also supplies other international brands including Chanel, Dior, Hugo Boss and Hermes.