Ski Straps for the Kids

We are a proud New Zealand company, so when there is an opportunity to contribute to our local community, we help with what we can! Avoca partnered with primary schools in Queenstown, and the story has recently been shared in Mountain Scene. We're sharing a little more here!

This winter, 1,950 ski straps have been unrolled to the primary school students of Wakatipu. With school skiing well underway, students are taking their skis to school, along with their backpacks, sports gear and winter jackets. That’s a lot for students to juggle!

Ski straps have been specially designed and provided by Avoca, to assist students in carrying and identifying their equipment. The straps can be easily named, so students can confidently keep track of their skis, and bring the right pair home.

Avoca director Richard Hanson explains: “Children often struggle to carry their winter sports gear. So when the opportunity was found to make life simpler for local children, we felt it was a great way to help out.”

Avoca is also offering a special promotion to ski strap owners. On presentation of a ski strap at Avoca Queenstown stockists Aotea Gifts, Koha and Naturally New Zealand, children’s Avoca Active Merino clothing can be bought for $34.50, a special rate for the local school’s partnership. Pick up an Avoca Active Merino garment for your child and know that it is the very best; wear‐tested and loved by the professionals. Avoca is an official sponsor of the New Zealand Ski Team, who all wear Avoca gear when they hit the slopes.

Paired with their ski straps, Queenstown students will be well set to embrace the snow blanketing the ski fields. Queenstown, and skiing, are shared passions amongst Avoca’s founders, which compelled the brand to contribute locally. Avoca is proud to support Queenstown’s community with this local school’s partnership, estimated at a total of $70,000.