Avoca Archive: An Early Photoshoot

We'll let you in on some exciting news- we're off to Queenstown for an Avoca photoshoot.

We've been focused on continually on creating beautiful, high quality, New Zealand made garments and getting them into stores, making sure people can experience Avoca by touch. However, we know that pictures can speak a thousand and one words, so we thought it was about time to have some new photographs taken to launch the new season of our Avoca fashion range.

There's a lot of preparation that goes into a shoot, but one of the key things is to decide on the story you want to tell. As part of our research, we dug into the Avoca Archive and found this forgotten gem: one of the very first Avoca photoshoots.

Have a trip down memory lane with us:

Avoca Lookbook

Avoca Lookbook 1

Avoca Merinosilk Pacific Jacket

Avoca Merinosilk Jackets