Avoca is devoted to helping you be the healthiest version of yourself. We believe in leading a sustainable, healthy and natural lifestyle.


We offer a range of clean and natural wellness products which are made in New Zealand. Avoca is proudly New Zealand owned and operated.

Avoca Health includes products made from key New Zealand ingredients, such as Omega 3, royal jelly, propolis and Manuka honey. Avoca Beauty uses natural and active ingredients to cleanse and nourish the skin.


Avoca is a registered trademark of Pureland Limited

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New Zealand.

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It’s been a long time coming... Welcome to Kapeka! 
Kapeka is the shape created by a branching tree and a branching river. Each a flowing curve created when nature is free to find its own form. The tree and river represent a constant interconnected cycle that draws together the surround Land and People. Since the beginning of time, these cycles of nature have seen growth and regrowth, each time creating the shape & symbol of its own design.

Kapeka: Fashioned by Nature. 🌾

For Avoca Fashion please click here and visit. Kapeka: Fashioned by Nature.

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Kapeka Fashion

Kapeka is a New Zealand owned and manufactured fashion brand. Kapeka specialises in blending New Zealand's incredible natural fibres with New Zealand's precision craftsmanship.

Kapeka (カペカ)は、ニュージーランド発のファッションブランドです。ニュージーランドの最先端技術を用い、自然から採集される天然繊維の配合にもこだわりをもっています。

Kapeka 是新西兰制造与拥有的时尚品牌。Kapeka专注于选用一流的新西兰天然纤维, 融合精湛的技艺,把新西兰时尚呈现给世界!

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Avoca Life

Avoca Life offers a range of clean and natural wellness products which are made in New Zealand. Products include Omega 3, Royal Jelly, Propolis and Manuka Honey.

Avoca Life (アボカ ライフ)は、自然豊かなニュージーランド製の健康商品を取り扱っています。取扱い商品には、オメガ3やロイヤルゼリー、プロポリス、マヌカハニーなどがあります。

Avoca Life提供一系列新西兰制造的天然健康产品,草药和维生素补充剂。产品包括:欧米伽3,蜂胶,蜂王浆,牛初乳,麦卢卡蜂蜜等。

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