Bee Venom

Bee Venom is harvested from bees using an electrified glass plate. This process does not harm the bees. It takes 10,000 bee stings in order to collect 1g of venom.

Bee Venom works by making the skin think it has been lightly stung. The main component of bee venom is Melittin. The protein causes increased blood circulation, which means that the inner layers of the skin increase the production of elastin and collagen.

The venom helps reduce sun damage, dark spots, blemishes and tightens the skin naturally.

Bee Venom has also been used effectively as a natural treatment for acne.

Bee Venom is considered a natural alternative to botox. The Melittin facilitates the skin to produce collagen, which in turn has a natural anti-aging effect smoothing and firming out fine lines and wrinkles.

Usage: Do not use with soap as this will neutralise the benefits of the venom. In morning use before suncream & makeup. In evening use after skin cleansing products.


Proven Facts:

  • Bee Venom and Melittin have Antimicrobial effects in comparison to some standard antibiotics. 5
  • Bee Venom is very effective against some strains of bacteria, while less effective against others.6
  • Bee Venom has been effectively used in treatment of Acne.7
  • Melittin blocks chemicals that slow the production of Collagen.8


Ingredient of:


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